The 84 Contemporary Textile Group

We are a group of practising Textile Artists in Perth, Western Australia - with a passion for textile and fibre art. Our goal for 2018 is primarily designed to promote and encourage self-development, all aimed towards producing individual works of art for an exhibition. We believe this will continue to create a wonderful platform for all members to move forward as individuals as well as enhancing the nurturing, sharing and encouraging environment of which The 84 Group has always been so proud.

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2D3D textile



Into the surface - Felt fabric Illusions Mar Jocelyne Mentoring April
Burnt - May Marilyn Farrow Gluegun techniques Sara Quail July Retreat ecodye Jane Flower Aug show and tell
Sep Vessels Barbara Barnett Oct show and tell Nov trading cards


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Mouldy Vessels FEb 2015 Urban Fimo Mar 2015 Stitched shibori & Indigo Sara Quail
Take a line for a walk June 2015 Freeform crochet and knitting May 2015 Poly play Sep 2015 Stitching metal Aug 2015 Sara Quail
Procion dye and wheel Nov 2015 Chenilling July 22015 Thread painting Image transfper Oct 2015 Xmas AGM 2015

Our 2014 exhibition - 'What lies beneath' - demonstrated the varied skills and creativity of our members. To see a slideshow - here it is.

Browse Galleries to see more past events as well as our 2010 exhibition and Calendar workshop photos from previous years, to see what we get up to.

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