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We meet once a month on the 2nd Sunday of each month 9:30am to 3:30pm at Craft House. Clyde Road, Menora. These meetings usually take the form of a workshop on an aspect of textile or fibre art such as machine and hand stitch techniques, aspects of design, felting, construction, embellishment, fabric dyeing and printing, etc.

We aim to:
1) Promote the development of knowledge and skills in the field of contemporary textile art amongst its members.
2) Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills in the field of textile art through meetings, workshops and exhibitions or other means.
3) Respect the creativity and ideas of members and to encourage fellowship between them.

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The Convenor - info@84textilegroup.com.au
Annual membership fee is $80.
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1984 - How it all began by Judith Pinnell, Founding and Life Member

The inaugural meeting of the as yet unnamed textile group was held on Monday evening 25th June 1984 at the home of Susan Wilding in Claremont. Several friends who were involved in working in various mediums relating to textiles decided to invite friends they knew who were also interested in being creative. About a dozen keen embroiderers came along.  Names of those present are somewhat hazy but I do recall Jennie Abbot, Evi Ferrier and Susan Wilding.  (See original invitation at end of page)84 group early members 1989

The first working meeting was held on 23 July at my place where we got down to business, deciding on a name for the group, when and where we would meet and what form our meetings would take.  I had recently come from the UK where I had completed the four years City and Guilds in Design and Embroidery Diploma and offered to share some of the knowledge of techniques and designing skills I had learnt.  So, we elected a Convenor, Secretary, Treasurer and Tutor and decided we would meet at members homes once a month until such time as the membership would grow and we would require bigger premises.  A programme for the year was drawn up with techniques of interest coming from the members present.
I had been briefly involved with a UK Group called the 62 Group who were doing great things with needle and threads and I suggested the name - 84 Group with high hopes that our Group would follow suit!

Machine embroidery threads were not available in Perth at that time. I found the address of a company in Melbourne, Penguin Threads, that sold threads wholesale.  We duly wrote to them and they became our source for the threads.  That is until, they discovered that were not a commercial business and our supply was terminated.  It wasn’t a case of not telling the truth, we just didn’t think to mention that we were a little Machine Embroidery group from Perth!!!! At this time Burnells realised there was a demand in Perth and began to sell the threads to the public, and of course they also became available from The Thread Studio.

The Group has gone from strength to strength.  It has a new name, new constitution and many talented members. The Group has presented several successful Exhibitions and also made a pair of stunning wall hangings that were displayed in Western Australia House in The Strand London. They were later purchased by a private buyer.
The Group will celebrate its 30th Anniversary in 2014 which should bring great pride to current members and those who can recall a fledgling group of ladies who just wished to ‘Be Creative’.

Judith Pinnell
November 2013

Early Achievements - Contributor: Barbara Barnett pilbara embroidery 84 group

 pilbara embroidery

The group completed a major project in 1987 - 2  panels depicting the Pilbara . The panel was displayed in West Australia House in London and subsequently bought by Madiera Threads for their collection. The proceeds from these two panels had a significant impact on the group's funds.

Embroidery of 2 seasons
The group then embarked on another ambitious project in 1989, and their efforts were described in theTextile Fibre Forum Magazine in November 1990 as follows:

"Two colourful embroidery panels worked by members of the 84 group in Perth, WA are now in England where they were shown during October & November 1989 at Western Australia House in the Strand, London.springtime embroidery

Judith Pinnell of Dalkeith WA was asked by the Agent General for WA if the 84 Group would like to work a panel to decorate office windows looking on to the Strand. The two panels were finished in August 1989. They both show Wandoo trees, Blackboy and yellow Hibiscus.

The 'Springtime' panel features blue Leschenaultia, red and green Kangaroo Paw, purple Hardenbergia and mauve Fringe lilies, while the 'Shades of Summer' panel show some gorgeous seasons 2 embroideryred parrots above the golden floor of the forest. Qantas flew the two panels to London at no charge.

Techniques used: background spray dyed on to dampened duck with backing of calico, overlaid with organza, chiffon and some wool tops; dyed tulle; free machine whip stitch, cable stitch and satin stitch; water soluble fabric for 3D effects; applique; hand embroidery.
Those participating: Judith Pinnell, Nettie Clarke, Mavis Fryer, Betty Smith, Barbara Barnett, Jenny Anastas, Jennie Abbott, Lenette Mullen, Liz Morley, Aileen McCarthy, Thyra Robertson and Heather Forrest."

When the panel came back from London it went on display at the Kings Park Wildflower Festival, and was sold to a private collector.

Original Invitation

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