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Sunday, 6th October, 2013

This is an exploration workshop in hand stitching on canvas to complement your machine embroidery work, add texture and interest and “wow” factor or focal point.
In the workshop basic stitches such as straight, diagonal, crossed, star and looped plus embellishments will be used on canvas to create contemporary patterns which will result in a finished piece which can then be used in a variety of pieces. The stitches can be used in future works or to jazz up UFOs.

I will have a selection for you (trying to get rid of excess stuff!) so don’t rush out and buy heaps.

Bring the following if you have but I will have some for you to share:

In the morning we will be doing sample stitches and after lunch will launch into the main piece.



OR     3 colours tints and shades, dark, medium, lights and metallics.

Do a number of stitches (see list) to fill up a 15cm square , including squares, triangles, oblongs of gold/coloured paper. Use a variety of threads for different textures.  (can make variegated thread by using different coloured strands and twisting together).
Stitches -             Straight                (long and short                                               
                              Lattice and couching
                              Use squares