Light as a breeze - Nuno Felting with Alison Gomes


  1. Superfine merino wool roving (approx. 100 to 150 gms); in colours of your choice.  Please bring a few different colours though, to experiment with colour combinations.
  2. Silk Fabrics: chiffon or paj would do nicely, 1 or 2 scarf length pieces (1.5 to 2 mts  long and 20 to 40 cms wide). Also bring along an assortment of smaller silk fabric pieces to use in our nuno designs. (Again, chiffon or paj or any lightweight silk fabric.)  Please iron fabrics beforehand if necessary.
  3. Bubblewrap: 2 pieces, slightly longer and wider than your scarf fabric. 
  4. Painters' drop sheet plastic: Same as bubblewrap.  Preferably clear/see-through.
  5. Polyester/nylon netting fabric:2 pieces; at least one should be big enough to cover your scarf fabric.
  6. 2 or 3 towels and 2 or 3 hand towels/chux wipes
  7. Container for warm water (old icecream container is fine)
  8. Olive oil or other natural soap
  9. Bucket
  10. 2 plastic bags
  11. Old pair of stockings (to use as ties)
  12. Foam pool noodle; you can cut this into 2 shorter lengths, one 15-20 cms longer than the other. 
  13. Notebook/sketchbook; pen/pencil
  14. Sharp fabric scissors and other scissors; tape measure
  15. Newspaper
  16. Lunch
  17. Optional: Some silk fibres/natural yarns, etc, for embellishing.  Any design ideas you may have for discussion (printed pics, your own drawings, photos, etc)

Preview Pictures: