Chopped and Changed with Helen Jones- 2 Nov 2014

This required an unfinished piece, or work, that was considered to be a total flop. Perhaps from a previous “Pass the Textile” workshop or some other workshop, or maybe a piece that was started at home that remained incomplete because you simply didn't like it.
Each member's piece was chopped up, shared amongst ourselves and used to create a beautiful and interesting new piece.
The new textile art work will be used to cover a book (A5 size). These will be brought to the AGM, wrapped and exchanged between members.

Pieces in progress:




One disaster - or unfinished piece that you definitely don’t like All A3 size:- Medium Weight Vylene Thin Pellon Fabric for base - any type / any colour - must look good with disastrous piece (contrast or complimentary colour) Tule or Organza of a complimentary colour for above Selection of threads - embroidery and decorative Small bag of bits - trimmings, ribbons, bits of lace, small interesting scraps, fibres, embellishments.
1 x A5 size hard cover book (obtainable from News Agents, Stationery Stores, Office Works, or Supermarkets)

Sewing Machine
Sewing Foot + Embroidery Foot + Darning Foot Adaptors & Extension cords Scissors Pins & other sewing supplies Thread stand if required