'Illusions' - Using Water Soluble Fabric with Jocelyne Leath - March 2016

This meeting saw the start of our new format of paired workshops. The goal is to promote, encourage and develop members personal artistic creativity by having a tutored workshop where members learn techniques and practical skills, followed by a 'mentored' work day where members apply the technique to their own individual projects.



Jocelyne explained a variety of ways water soluble fabric could be used to recreate materials from bits and pieces, as well as creating lace, 3D and sculptural pieces.

At lunchtime, Lynne Hargreaves inspired us with her journals and her personal journalling process, with the aim of encouraging us to start the journey of self development and get the creative juices flowing.

Marilyn Farrow also explained the 'Illusions' concept with a myriad of examples for encouragement.