Trading Cards - November 2016

Our Workshop was a hive of activity from beginning to end as our dedicated members made trading cards to swap with each other.  It was led by Marilyn Farrow who inspired us to show our personality through these pieces of work and provided a journal as a memory of collective works at the end of a wonderful and productive year.  Trading began before the end of the day and members look forward to completing and exchanging these precious pieces of art work.


A wonderful opportunity was given to the members to view three beautiful works of art created by our very gifted and talented member, Jocelyne Leath.   Her work is so precise and always has a personal attachment.   Two of these works are of her children.  A third is in the making which we look forward to viewing.  The wonderful piece of the turtles hatching and making their way to the ocean is made from recycled materials with techniques covered in various 84 Group workshops.   So wonderful to see these techniques used and expressed by Jocelyne in her unique way.