Colour is an adventure, not just a theory

with Helen Jones - April 2017

Helen's aim was to ignite our work with originality and impact, and to open ourselves to other creative inspirations with Colour. To get us out of our comfort zones, she had us using coloured papers and fabrics to create design focussed block samples. One using only colours we hated, the other with ones we liked. Very interesting results..

This was followed by an 'Atmospheric' challenge - intrepreting 4 scenes using only rectangles of colour. Later on, we chose a piece of prose or a poem to interpret in colour - nothing literal, just shapes to imply the meaning. Later we selected 3 random words to use as the inspiration for creating a textile piece. Along with some very useful notes on self-evaluating our work, I think we will all be thinking about colour in a different light from now on!.


An activity filled day followed by fabulous show and tell.......