3D on a 2D surface with Jennie Abbott - June 2017

Using Tissue, prepared canvas ,fabric, gauze, angelina fibres, paint, glue, shellac; we will create a textured painterly surface on which to develop our theme piece.
The theme can be of your choosing, flora, fauna, insects, fungi,construction,landscape, seascape, abstract.................?
Bring photos to inspire your design; you may have already transferred an image to fabric, or I can assist you with this if required.
We can then “paint by numbers” colour in the image using thread painting techniques, preparatory to stuffing, building layers and transferring onto the canvas base.
Building up the textural layers to create a 3D image.
You may then consider this “complete” – framed as is, alternatively you may choose to remount using a further canvas, mattboard or Frame.
Sit back and enjoy your endeavours.


Canvas Frame [ Marilyn has these for us ; bring any others you may have at home; any size.  [it's good to prepare 2 or 3 at a time ]
Araldite , PVA, Tacky Glue.
Rust N’ Tannic dyed papers and fabrics if you have any
Image Required – your choice : birds , butterflies, landscape,animals, abstract design
Sewing Machine and accessories [ Darning Foot, pins, extra machine needles]
Brushes [ for glue and paint]
Plastic to cover tables
Paint [ 2 or 3 tones of your choice colour - Acrylic, Poster , Lumiere]
Water container
Fabrics: required colour range to suit your chosen image ' SMALL scraps; range of textures.
Tissue paper, Butter muslin. Scrim, Printed Serviettes 
Water Soluble