Elizabeth MorleyElizabeth Morley

I spent my childhood in rural England where I
learnt an abiding love of nature. After I had
qualified as a Registered Nurse, I married & went
out to Africa to live. I was fortunate enough to
spend 15 years in various parts of that colourful &
wonderfully vibrant continent and much of my work
still carries that influence.

Exploring and experimenting has been the core of my existence, and the intriguing question of "What happens if?" has been the driving force behind much of my work. Working in textiles is very exciting, allowing great versatility and endless possibilities. Consequently, my work is constantly changing and moving on towards new horizons. I am currently a member of the "84 Group Contemporary Textiles"

A few closeups and samples of Elizabeth's Wearable Art:

                    stitch technique

textile neckpiece               turtle cape