Marilyn Farrow

Artists Statement
Being born and raised in Zambia, Central Africa, life was exciting, challenging and invoked a true sense of my surroundings in the form of appreciation of nature.    This was not a wasteful society and I developed a deep sense of resourcefulness.   Restoring once loved pieces, redesigning, and sometimes resurrecting, became part of survival.  My creativity developed along with a sense of fulfilment and achievement.

Faces of the Seasons Marilyn FarrowCreativity brings an incredible sense ofachievement to me, expressing my inner most feelings and taking me to another world from our earthly turmoil, one of peace, excitement and accomplishment.   I so enjoy and value the journey.

My sewing machine and a needle and thread are my favourite tools as they allow me to create.  My puzzle pieces mostly come in the form of natural fibres, beads, paints, dyes and found treasures.   I also have an appreciation and see great value in modern and synthetic fabrics. 
A good stimulation for me is colour and texture, which reflects my mood.   Rich hot colour choice with depth indicates deep findings.   Pale, delicate, light colour usually develops when I am pensive or serene.  The cool blues and purple hues to me are happy and joyful of spirit, provoking a sense of imagination.   I love colour.   My pieces of work often depict some form of water, shape, reflection or the underwater world.  Pisces sign!

I am mostly self-taught and have always had a passion to create in all forms of art and craft.  My first discipline was that of formal garment construction, knitting and traditional quilt making.   As I have developed over the years I love to be able to break the boundaries and experiment with techniques and texture.   My work is very diverse and I am passionate about learning more by adding and crossing techniques from different mediums and disciplines.

My enthusiasm for creativity usually comes from a natural source, moss growing on a stone wall, early morning dew glistening in the sunlight, shapes, texture and light from trees and their wonderful seasonal changes.

When I pick up a finding my thoughts are provoked by – “now how can I stitch into this?”   Sparked by a glimpse from the wonder of nature I am compelled to reproduce and interpret this in stitch, dyes, paints, manipulated fabric or anything else that stays still long enough to be attached!

My current work is always my best but I still have my original attempts, proudly achieved at the age of 8 years, (for my eyes only).   I keep these to recall the wonderful sense of fulfilment and achievement I experienced at that time, when I did the best I could do with what I knew.   Other than my inherited resourcefulness I think I started with the desire to produce original gifts for loved ones.

My other joys of creation are my three wonderful sons that have now flown the nest, allowing me time to experience and explore my interpretation of art.

I hope my work will tantalise the senses and emotions of the viewer, bringing to mind a meaningful experience in their lives or even to ignite their own creativity.

Updated 28th January 2016